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Nakhon Ratchasima Hotel Review: Flamingo Hotel

Nakhon Ratchasima Hotel Review: Flamingo Hotel

In anticipation of the 3 day long weekend in Thailand, my friend Ryan and I went to Khao Yai National Park, which is 3 hours northeast of Bangkok. That Monday, December 5, had a national holiday in Thailand as Father’s Day. However, because of King Bhumibol Adulayej’s (also known as King Rama IX) death in October, the Thai government has declared this holiday to also be King Bhumibol Adulayej Day in the future.

Because of the holiday, many Thais traveled out of Bangkok for the weekend. I didn’t find accommodation available by Khao Yai National Park, so we booked two rooms at The Flamingo Hotel in Nakhon Ratchasima. This town is 45 minutes north of the park. Because our booking was during a long weekend, 1 room/1 night cost 790 Thai baht, or $22.5 USD. Currently, 1 room/1 night here costs 539 THB, or $15.4 USD. Breakfast is available for an extra 60 THB ($1.7). We did not pay for breakfast.


On our arrival, I told the receptionist my name and the website I used to book the two rooms. She found my reservation eventually, but tried to give us just 1 key- for 1 room. Ryan, who speaks Thai, clarified that we reserved two separate rooms. She then took us to our own rooms. Ryan later told me the receptionist led him to a booked room! He woke a man sleeping in the bed. How uncomfortable! The staff has serious strides to make on their bookkeeping. They didn’t read my reservation correctly, and evidently don’t keep clear track of which rooms are booked. This is unacceptable.

Property and Room

Though the staff isn’t impressive, Flamingo Hotel is a nice property. Cobblestone bricks compose the parking lot, which leads directly to the reception building¬†and the hotel rooms. There are 4 rooms ineach building, which lend the look of a villa. The “villas” surround a

The Flamingo Hotel Bathroom (Picture from Hotels.com)

pond and some trees. There are lights in this area that are turned on at night. The light leaks into the room even when the curtain is closed, but it wasn’t a big issue for me. I rarely have issues falling asleep.

The room was impeccably clean, and I appreciate that the¬†floor lacked the grimy residue that is too common in hotels. The bed was great, soft and firm. The internet connection is solid as well. I Skyped with my boyfriend with minimal connectivity interruptions. The bathroom is the selling point for this hotel, as it appears to be recently renovated. It’s sleek and has modern furnishings. The shower has a water heater and a glass door; soap and shampoo are provided. The Flamingo Hotel has a tremendous value for money; I’m not convinced that their rate is high enough for the cleanliness and amenities that they provide. Despite the inadequate management by the front desk, I would stay here again.




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