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Vietnamese Coffee Giveaway!

Vietnamese Coffee Giveaway!

Hi all, I’ve decided to host a giveaway for the loyal followers of this site! The winner gets 2 bags of authentic Vietnamese coffee beans and 2 bags of authentic Vietnamese coffee grounds, from three different coffee plantations! The giveaway initially had a deadline of April 9, but I’d like to extend this opportunity to those who check my website but do not necessarily use their Facebook or Instagram accounts very often. I will pay for shipping, so there are no expenses on your part.

Scroll down for the giveaway rules and coffee information!

Giveaway Rules

  1. Make your INSTAGRAM account PUBLIC
  2. LIKE hannah wonders and wanders on Instagram AND Facebook
  3. COMMENT on my ORIGINAL Instagram photo tagging TWO friends you would share this coffee with
  4. The winner will have to POST an image with their yummy Vietnamese coffee on INSTAGRAM when received, mentioning hannah wonders and wanders in the written caption and describing the website

Coffee Information

  1. Hoi An Roastery’s 100% Robusta Coffee Beans and their Ground Espresso Blend (far left and far right) are fair-trade, straight from the highlands of Dalat in southern Vietnam. Dalat is famous for its coffee
  2. Khe Sanh Arabica Coffee Beans are sold directly by the farmer. Khe Sanh is a town in Central Vietnam, where a 7 month battle in the Vietnam War took place
  3. Hoang Tuan’s Robusta Ground Coffee is excellent- this brand is famous and local to the southern beach town of Nha Trang. The cafĂ© was packed when I picked up these grounds!

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